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My Wife -

This is my wife Kathy.   She was a registered nurse.  She is retired at this time.  She is very active in the Methodist Church near here in Jeffersontown or J town as they call it here.  She works on Wednesday afternoon at the church for the Dare to Care program feeding families from the church as well as the community.  She also plays in the bell choir. And her main project is taking care of the grand children.


My Son -

This is my son Todd and his fiance Erica.  They recently got engaged but no date for a wedding right  now.  Todd is currently employed as a Paramedic with the New York City Fire Department.  He is also in the New York State Army National Guard.  Erica is a manager in a large company in charge of computer databasing.


Julie and Mike -

This is my daughter Julie and her husband Mike.  Julie is a PA and recently lost her job as a result of a buyout of the facility she was working at.  She has several options in terms of job offers and is still deciding but for now is taking a little time for herself and her children.  Mike is also a PA and is employed by the Kentucky State Army Guard with an expertise in Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).  He is a major. He has plans to retire next year and work full time as a PA.


Kathy and the Grand Children -

This is my wife Kathy with the three grandchildren.  From left to right it's Chloe, then Shelby and then Carter.






The Dog -

This is Bella.  Bella is a Labradoodle which means she doesn't shed.  We got her in 2015 at about 2 years old.



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