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My Wife -

This is my wife Kathy.   She is a Registered Nurse and works for a company called AMERICOR.  They contract nursing services to a variety of facilities.  My wife is currently working at the county correctional facility.  For now that is her only job.  She is still listed as per diem in radiology at the hospital but they never call her.  She seems very content to work the one job and gets plenty of work time when she wants.  This job also gives her flexibility in scheduling and allows her ample time to make a trip every month or so to Pennsylvania to see my dad and her parents.  Things seem to work out well for everyone.

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My Son -

This is my son Todd.  His birthday is March 4th, 1977.  Todd has done just about everything in the book as far as jobs.  After graduating high school he worked as director of EMS at a local summer camp, a construction job involving explosives, a clerk in a local stationary store and many more too numerous to list here.  He spent time in the U.S. Air Force, the LA Police academy and is now employed by FDNY in EMS.  He is currently working on moving over to the fire service in FDNY.  Yes ladies, he is single.

Update 12/06 - Todd is now on active duty with the Army National Guard.  He enlisted and is now gone for basic training and Med. School.  I'll keep you posted on his progress.

Update 10/08 - Todd is back to work at FDNY.  Still in EMS however.  Doing as many stints as possible with the Army Guard as his active duty pay there is more then FDNY.

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My Daughter -

This is my daughter Julie.  Julie was born March 18th, 1972.  She works as a Physician's Assistant in Louisville, KY in a hepatitis clinic.  She has lot's of stories to tell about her job.  And she still thinks she is the "Queen".  Just ask her and she will be glad to tell you.  Actually she has a few shirts that support her claims.

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This is Julie and Mike -

Mike is my son-in-law and is amazing.  I don't know how he puts up with my daughter.  But they are happy and that is the most important thing.  Mike is a Major in the Kentucky Army National Guard and is currently on deployment.  His civilian job is a Physician's Assistant with the Kentuckian Cancer Center in Louisville, KY. 


The Dog -

This is Chester.  Chester is a curly haired golden retriever.  Chester was born sometime around 1998.  He's my best friend and constant companion.  And he shows his breed all the time.  Constantly retrieving things from all over the house and dragging them out in the middle of the living room.  His favorite items are TV remotes, socks, and much to my wife's embarrassment, bras.


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